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Scott McNealy is interviewed by Uday Kapoor, February 26, 2019
For the Computer History Museum


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Product Marketing

This two-part video was created in response to Scott McNealy, who when someone complained about some process, snapped back, "You chose Product Marketing...Deal with it!". Cast: Todd Bernhard (as a new Product Manager), Anil Gadre (Executive Assistant), Steve O'Brien (Product Manager), Lance Lawson (narrator)...and others


Starfire Video

Vision video set in 2004 (10 years in the future from when this was made). Created by Bruce Tognazzini. Parts were shot at SJ Airport in the middle of the night, and the main actor had a part in the origin Star Trek series. Read more.



Sun Microsystems sponsored wiring Arundel Middle School in San Carlos, CA as the first NetDay project in the nation. Vice President Al Gore visited the school and announced the launch of the White House website. March 9, 1996

Kick Butt and Have Fun

SunSoft Band, Halloween 1993
Suntones-Surfing Salesmen with Larry Baker, Larry Hambly, Mark Santora, Jerry Dube and Tad Bogdan.

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