Top Ten Signs That You Miss Sun Microsystems

You betcha!
Scott McNealy 10) Your leather Java jacket has worn though in the elbows.

9) Can't remember your SSN# but you still know your Sun badge #.

8) You chuckle at the kids who wax on prophetically about the future of cloud computing (like they discovered it).

7) Your Java ring won't slip off your finger anymore, even with soapy water.

6) Oracle just ain't the same.

5) A SparcStation 5 connected to a SunRay is your home computing setup.

4) You still won't use MSFT Office or Lookout even though a former Sun guy is running the place now.

3) You believe tech CEO's should play golf and hockey, not sail and play the field.

2) You prefer beer, burgers, and donuts to sushi, fancy cafeterias and gourmet chefs.

1) You are willing to pay to go to one more Sun beer bust.

To the 235,000 former Sun folks:

You are the best. Never was a better team ever. Maybe never will be again. At least that's how I feel.