September 28th, 2pm to 3:50pm, Burlingame, CA
Sun Microsystems was a special place to work at a critical time in our industry. For only the second time in the last decade, hundreds of former Sun employees gathered on September 28th to reconnect with friends and colleagues, reminisced about the good times, discussed future opportunities, made new acquaintances.

We used this rare opportunity to pay it forward by sharing the expertise of some of our most knowledgeable alumni with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The SunReunion committee invited 100 MBA candidates from five local universities to participate in a series of 20-minute SunTalks, presented by Sun alumni and friends, on the afternoon of September 28th. Each school could bring 25 students and faculty.   Learn more.


2:00pm – Welcome – Nancy Hauge
2:05pm – The Future of Education – Martin Hack
2:20pm – The Future of Work – Nancy Hauge
2:35pm – The Future of Technology – John Gage
2:50pm – The Future of Money – Shahin Khan
3:05pm – The Future of Innovation – James Gosling
3:20pm – The Future of Thought – Phil Dixon
3:35pm – Q&A – All
3:50pm – Wrap up and Farewell – John Gage

The Speakers

Phil Dixon

Phil Dixon

Author of Understanding Your Brain for a Change
SunTalk topic: The Future of Thought
John Gage

John Gage

Founding Member Berkeley 2050 Commission
SunTalk topic: The Future of Technology
James Gosling

James Gosling

Special Guest, Father of Java
Martin Hack

Martin Hack

Former Chairman & CEO Skytree
SunTalk topic: The Future of Education
Nancy Hauge

Nancy Hauge

CHRO Automation Anywhere
SunTalk topic: The Future of Work
Shahin Khan

Shahin Khan

Founding Partner
SunTalk topic: The Future of Money

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