The Stories - Words To Manage By
"Here is a picture of the slide I made in 1988 while at HP."

"The goal given to me was to beat Sun in the number of UNIX licenses sold to customers. I created a UNIX program on Intel 386/486 servers. I wanted to understand how Scott thought so went to HP Library and read all the articles about him. I then summarized his style in the attached slide, used many of the strategies described in the slide in my UNIX program, and by 1991, we had beaten Sun in number of UNIX licenses sold and we were on the cover of UNIX Review and UNIX World magazine."

"In 1992, The UNIX program on Intel Servers was canceled at HP in favor of Microsoft Windows. In Oct 1992, I got a call from Scott and he convinced me in 15 minutes to leave HP and join the Solaris/Ultrasparc program (first 64 bit computer in the industry). The program was in the beginning stage. I had no idea about Sun Culture but I brought the attached slide with me to Sun. Used this slide number of times to motivate my team at Sun and helped create Sun's most successful Solaris/Ultrasparc product line in 1995. Jan Testarmata was my Solaris partner in this effort. Solaris Ultrasparc became the number 1 RISC platform in the industry in the 90's. Stock split five times under the leadership of Ed Zander, John Shoemaker, Banman, Janpieter and many other leaders."

"The messages in this slide are very powerful. I still use them in my job even after I left Sun. Don't know whether Scott ever realized the power of his words which motivated many of us at Sun. I still have the original slide which is 26 years old."

Deepak Bhagat
(@Sun 1993-2001; 2002-2006)


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