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"In A World Without Fences"

The best prank that I personally had the pleasure of being involved with was at JavaOne in 1997.

I was part of the trade show team that set up the systems and network throughout Moscone Center for JavaOne. Bill Gates was a keynote speaker at Software Development '97 which was being held at the same time as JavaOne, just in the other half of Moscone Center.

About an hour before Bill Gates was to speak, attendees were lined up through a large hallway that connects the two halves of Moscone Center, waiting to get in to hear his keynote. Our team was called over to a room just off of this hallway where all the people were lined up.

We were instructed to hide anything that identified us as Sun employees, so we did. We were pointed to this stack of large boxes, there were hundreds of t-shirts in these boxes. We dragged these boxes out into the hall and spread out along the long line of people.

We were given a signal, and at that time, we dumped the shirts onto the floor along the long line of people. The people standing in line to see Bill Gates grabbed madly at the shirts. Most everyone in line had at least one shirt, and many of them, put theirs on. Then these hundreds of people with their newly acquired shirts were let into the room to hear Bill Gates speak.

What did the shirts say?

"In a World without fences,

Who needs Gates?"


Man, that was fun!!

Submitted by Bill Shearer
(Sun #14548, 1990-2010)


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