The Stories - A Great Sense Of Closure

"Ever since I left Sun, and when it was purchased, I felt a sense of disconnect with the people and company I knew. It was always like an unfinished story. Or like when you left home and never went back. It all felt incomplete.

I originally wasn’t going to go to the reunion. I’m not sure why. But both McNealy and my wife convinced me to go.

As I drove up, I felt like I was going to a high school reunion. Wondering who would be there, what they were doing, and what they looked like now. And, I wasn’t sure of the dress code…..

Curt & Judy Wozniak

I wore the Sharkstation3 jersey from the April Fools day when the shark in the tank occurred. But, then I saw Vaughn Pratt with his 1982 tshirt, and I knew all was ok.

I saw so many old friends, and am still in awe at the brain power that was in the company and just the great people.

As I left for the night, I felt a great sense of closure. And that was satisfying. I felt like I finally closed the loop on a part of my life. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. We did some great stuff and pushed the ball of the world forward. Not just on the technological front, but doing things that moved the world along. It is a shame that so much of what we did got lost, but a lot is still going forward.

So thanks for a great night, and a chance to remember that we did a lot of great things."

Curt Wozniak
(Sun #272, Feb 1982 to July 1994)

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