We've added some resumes of unemployed former
Sun employees to our Resume PDFs page.
If you'd like to submit a resume, please read below.

Dear Sun Alum,

As we have communicated with you during the planning of our reunion to be held in May, we have been sorry to hear that too many of our old friends have been unemployed for a while and have had a hard time finding work.

One of the privileges of organizing this reunion is that we have re-established contact with a broad network of Sun alumni, including several HR experts and many alumni who are recruiting. We would like to put that network to work for the folks who are out of work and seeking full time employment.

If you have been looking for a job for a while and you remain unemployed, please drop an email and your resume to Please add a paragraph or two about your job search thus far. We will use any info you provide carefully and confidentially.

With your permission, we will publish a directory of resumes on We envision this will be organized by function at Sun (sales, operations, marketing, software, etc.) We will then encourage any Sun alumni who are in a hiring mode to take a look.

We are focusing on those who have been unable to find work and need full time jobs, so if you are a consultant and do not intend to go back to work full-time, please do not reply.

Please let us know what you think and spread the word. The network is the computer, and we think it can also be the job!


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